Bristol Festival of Music, Speech & Drama 2016

Junior Vocal


Junior Vocal Sections


Sat, 17 March 2018

Westbury Park Methodist Church Hall, Bayswater Avenue, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7NU

Section Rules:

As per General Rules, plus

1 Age of performers in the Vocal Sections is as at 1st March 2018. Adults are those who are 19 before 1st March 2018. Performers must strictly observe the conditions regarding age.

2 Where a performer has requested the services of the official accompanist, a copy of own choice music must be sent to: Margaret Thomas 20 Kersteman Road Bristol BS6 7BX. Copies must arrive no later than 1st March 2018. See also General Festival Rules 11 - 14. If there are any difficulties please contact the vocal secretary.

3 Titles of own choice songs must be submitted with entries but changes can be made up to and including 1st March 2018. Performers will not be allowed to sing any other song than that notified.

4 A second copy of own choice music must be available for the adjudicator on the day of the festival. Compliance is the performer's own responsibility and neither the Secretary nor the Committee are able to help in this matter.

5 When the directive "any standard edition" is given, this must be treated in the same way as own choice music. A copy must be supplied for the adjudicator. A copy must also be supplied for the official accompanist if the official accompanist is used by the performer.

6 Unless otherwise stated in individual classes performers in all classes must sing from memory.

7 Time limits as stated must be strictly adhered to. With regards to Da Capo arias, the whole aria, including the repeat, must fall within the time limit. See Rule 6 of the General Rules.

8 No substitutions can be made, nor change of pairings in ensemble classes, after the closing date for entries.

9 Where classes specify a test piece, the performer must use the edition or copy supplied. Performers may however sing the set piece in any key.

10 Unless otherwise stated in individual classes, a performer may not sing any song more than once in the Festival.

11 A performer may only make one entry in each solo class.

12 A performer may enter more than once in the duet, ensemble or recital classes with a different partner.

13 Fees for vocal classes include the services of the Official Accompanist. A performer may use their own accompanist but there can be no refund of any fees.

14 A performer can choose to enter classes on a non-competitive basis. The fee remains the same and the Official Accompanist will still be available. Please state at the beginning of the performance if you wish to perform non-competitively. You will only receive adjudication for a non-competitive entry.


Rebecca Moseley-Morgan MA

Rebecca is currently Chair of Education for the British Voice Association, an associate lecturer in voice at Bath Spa University, and has a busy voice studio in Oxford. She gives workshops throughout the UK on the functionality of the voice, accent breathing and vocal care and maintenance. In her early career Rebecca won scholarships to the Royal College of Music and Opera School and sung professionally at Glyndebourne, WNO and Opera 80 amongst others. As a soloist, she has performed throughout the UK and Europe. After starting her family, she focused on being a career voice teacher, and spent much time in researching the latest advances in voice science over the past 30 years. Rebecca has an MA in Musicology and is currently a PhD research student at University College London. Her research investigates what interventions can maintain the functionality of the mature female voice. She often presents her research at conferences throughout Europe and has recently presented the early findings from her research at the PEVoC 12 Conference in Ghent. She is currently devising a new module on vocal pedagogy for singers and singing teachers, which will be a core part of the syllabus at Bath Spa University.

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